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Success - A state of mind

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What does it mean to truly be successful? Is it about what you wear? How you look? Your bank account? It’s all that in fractions but — it’s mostly a mindset.

It is an understatement to say that 2020 has been rough. And to hear it from someone like me (who is privileged and who can afford to live a decent life) is not pleasant. During the nation wide lockdown a lot of the people around me were stressed about making it through the year. It’s hard to admit but, I was one among them too. Hard to admit because I’m the kind of person that relies on faith. Unwavering faith that everything will be alright no matter what. So, to believe that I’ll make it through the year without a few bumps in the road, was hard.

There was only one thing I was worried about — Will I have enough work? Primarily because I’ve been independent for the last 2 years. I live with my parents but I take care of all of my expenses. Although I knew I could count on them to help me out, it’s still not a nice feeling. And my solution to any worry is hitting the (spiritual) books. Only this time, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. I knew I needed guidance to help me get through a rough couple of months and the knowledge I received was beyond astonishing because along the way, I started questioning concepts like success and prosperity.

The most common way people comprehend success — fame, wealth, or social status. My understanding was also very similar. If you have the means to do whatever you desire, then you are successful. But desires can be endless, so what does success have to do with something that can never be fulfilled? Here are some of my learnings from these great minds -

A Journal of your fondest dreams - Leeor Alexandra

You might wonder how a journal might help make you successful, but this has more to do with maintaining a positive relationship with your work rather than the usual one we have - Stress. Journaling for manifestation of your goals is important because the power of thought is materialised when it is put on paper. Everything you want is manifested when you believe and act ‘as if’. It can also be a cathartic process, a way to let go of stress and thought patterns that do not serve your true purpose. So, write freely and in the present tense.

Leeor Alexandra is a YouTuber who creates content related to journaling, manifestation and meditation.

Silence and Pure potentiality - Deepak Chopra

This one is by far the most powerful practice I have come across. It is described as “The source of all creation is pure consciousness —pure potentiality seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest. And when we realize that our true self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in nature.” The practice is to sit in silence, to just be. Every day, as many times as possible. This vital because in silence we bear witness to the intelligence within everything! Watch a sunset, listen to the sounds of nature and connect to ‘yourself’.

Chopra has described Pure potentiality in his book, 'The seven spiritual laws of success'.

An intention to serve - Gabrielle Bernstein

The practice of service to benefit those around you is one that gives you a wholesome view of the world. It also helps the dynamic exchange (flow of energy with regards to giving and receiving) of the universe. This means that we have to live with a mindset of giving and when we receive, we do it graciously! Deepak Chopra says, “In our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.” Give happiness, compliments and share anything that can make someone’s day better. Volunteer - work for the causes you believe in, make a difference! And always remember that whatever level of success you may have achieved isn’t just yours, it is the collective effort of everyone around you!

Gabrielle Bernstein is a motivational speaker, life coach, and author. She has written several popular books like Judgement detox and the latest, Super Attractor.

What are you? This moment! - Dan Millman

If you haven’t watched the movie ‘Peaceful Warrior’ watch it now! And for all of you readers out there, it is based on the book ‘Way of the Peaceful warrior’ by Dan Millman. The book is a bestseller, a story based on Millman’s life during his time at university. A very famous quote from the movie - “Where are you? Here. What time is it? Now. What are you? This moment.” This teaches us to always live in the present moment and be open to different possibilities. It helped me understand that there’s no one right way of doing anything. It’s just how we look at it —obstacles can be opportunities!

Daniel Jay Millman is an author and lecturer in the personal development field.

My new understanding of success — Joy, Contentment and Peace. It definitely has nothing to with objects and money, just ask successful people! These are practices that will not only make you successful but also joyful and sensitive to the world around you! I urge you to try them this new year and tell us what you think!

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