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Are you stressed out, annoyed, and not feeling good overall? Can you remember the last time you took a second to breathe? We get caught up in the hustle of life and our health takes a backseat. Is it worth it?

What is


Self-care is defined as ‘The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.’ 

For us at WID, self-care is constant and not just during hard times.

Taking care of yourself should be your first
because you can be your best in 
every part of your life!

Is self-care selfish?

Has anyone made you feel bad about taking care of yourself? If yes then, you’re not alone. People often say, “Self-care is selfish, self-love is vain.” But let me remind you, that cannot be further from the truth. Imagine this, you are stressed out, angry and miserable — What version of yourself will be presented to the people around you? A happy/peaceful one or an irritable one?

Self-care is not selfish. In fact, it is the opposite. Being at peace with yourself means that everyone around you gets to know you as your best and brightest self. So, how could that ever be selfish?


We, in no way, are experts on mental health or self-care. These are just a few things we’ve tried along the way, and have worked for us. We’re just sharing our experiences. The resources, links, tips and tricks mentioned below were passed on to us by mentors, friends, family and ‘experts that we look up to. Anything wise you may come across, you may credit to the many experts and mentors who preceded us. Anything foolish, assume it is our error. We hope they bring you joy, positivity and life ✨

Fun & Engaging Reads! 

Reading is great way to relieve stress and learn something new. We read regularly and as much as we can! Tell us about your favourite books and what you’ve learnt from them! Join our discussions on Discord!

Binge watchers, are you here?

In the age of the Internet, Content is endless! Here are some movies, documentaries, and series that will put a smile on your face. They will surely motivate and inspire you too!

Breathe in, breathe out…

Being aware of our actions and living consciously is the need of the hour! Meditate, move, breathe and find peace within yourself. Here are some wonderful people that are worth your consideration. Have a look!

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