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Virtual Styling

Women & Design // Episode 7

A really interesting thing I explored was how these styling sets can be used as an inspiration board, the whole — inspiration to product and product to inspiration cycle can also be recycled!

Witnessing the world from a designer’s point of view, I’ve always realized there’s an inspiration in everything. That’s what I love about being a designer, you can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. When I started my journey in fashion designing, I wasn’t familiar with the concept of styling, but it was something that I had been practicing for a very long time. From watching my mother, color coordinating each of her sarees and blouses together in her wardrobe to actually practice being able to pull off a look, I’ve learned a lot about styling and how it is very much interconnected to one's being. Because of an inclination towards fashion, I used to draw styling sets when during my childhood. Which included a cute little top paired with a bottom, it was really simple and basic. By drawing and putting different silhouettes together, these sets became a pathway for me to understand design and develop an aesthetic.

I still remember when the internet was limited, and I used to read, collect pictures from Chanel or Dior websites and wonder how could I style one of their bags or footwear and create a whole look. I even have a faint memory of making a styling set for Katy Perry for her California Girls video! I was a child obsessed with pop culture and clothes. Looking ahead to a time when I was supposed to graduate and a pandemic hit the world, I went through these sketches again and realized the potential in styling — It is such a sustainable practice with a lot to gain. With industry experience and understanding how crucial it is to present anything aesthetically, I started to reimagine practicing styling in the pandemic. That's when I came across virtual styling and realized how wonderful it all connected with my childhood memories.

Virtual styling is a sub-set of styling, in which there are styling sets made, which are used as a reference for a look. It can be used for any product, it can be fashion or not fashion-related at all. There are numerous places where you can practice styling online, you can explore a lot! Now, coming to, why virtual styling is needed — I’ve always been a thrifty person when it comes to buying clothes. I would always steal my sibling's clothes and I’ve actually survived on ‘how to style a shirt in 5 different ways!' So, when it comes to practicing styling in a more social environment (like Instagram) I don’t want to limit myself to the options that I have in my wardrobe, that’s how I dedicated my account to virtual styling, as Instagram is a perfect place to put out the styling sets. It's because you need to place your content on Instagram - I started with a mix of illustrations and styling sets, then to some research boards, and while creating this content I got to learn and appreciate styling so much (always grateful for this)! I tried styling four of my friends, which was a great opportunity! It was a new experience and I got to try my hand at first-hand styling, virtually. I also acquired a few clients for virtual styling! I feel like virtual styling is really an affordable option that has a lot to offer in the future. Also, styling has always been a luxurious activity, which will cost you a lot since so many resources are allotted to putting a look together. But virtual styling cancels this out completely and really changes your perspective about the traditional way of styling!

Everyone is aware of thrifting as a concept of Instagram, and it truly holds a lot of potential for styling, especially as it goes hand in hand with the concept of virtual styling. Both are equally sustainable, low-cost, and more explorative! Personally, virtual styling for me is an exploration, going out of the set boundaries to understand the potential of the future! To understand what has the prospective of changing things in the longer run.

Ultimately, I didn’t really realize that styling had so much to offer and how much I can explore just by practicing it! Really, can’t emphasize how much you can do and learn, the field wasn’t new to me but I surely learned more by practicing it! Also, there are many people, who are bringing their wonderful aesthetics out through virtual styling and you can find immense inspiration there! A really interesting thing I explored was how these styling sets can be used as an inspiration board, the whole — inspiration to product and product to inspiration cycle can also be recycled!

You can check all my looks on my Instagram. Virtual styling for sure allows you to boost your confidence, be sustainable, save a lot of money, and never run out of style! So, what are you waiting for?

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Hi! I’m Vatsala Bhargava a curious being with a keen interest in design and styling. I’m a driven, expressive person, who loves to interact and listen to feel-good music! Currently, situated in Dubai, working for Disney licensee.

Ig : @vatsala_bhargava

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