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Journaling - why you should do it

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What is, is. And what will be, is not in your control. Frustrating? Quite a bit. Here’s the key to the treasure chest —What you think about, is all in your hands.

What part of the day are you the most inspired? In the morning or late at night? Where and how do you get your ideas? What’s the best way to push your creative mind? If you’ve had any of these questions, sitting at your desk, sipping some water, you are not alone. There are many things around us that may inspire some of our best ideas. Whether it’s a fun conversation with a friend or a walk in the park, the many observations we make and hold on to take our creativity to the next level. It’s simple, live - observe - question - feel - apply and repeat!

Ever wondered why creatives are some of the most observant people? It’s because we don’t separate ourselves from the world around us. We immerse ourselves into every experience and appreciate the good and the bad that comes from it. If you don’t, then where are your ideas coming from? Let me know, I’m curious. The most obvious way to observe and experience is when you’re out there, searching, experimenting, and exploring. It hurts that we can’t do it anymore, right? Not like we used to anyway. But, what if I told you there was another way? The mind’s way — Even if the world went back to some form of normal, this method would give your best ideas. Not just for your work or business but, for you to build the life you’ve always wanted, with an abundance of inspiration.

Journaling is a tool I discovered not too long ago. It doesn’t really seem like a task because it’s a combination of all the things I love to do. Writing, drawing, painting, visualizing — It has become a part of my routine and I’m not stopping any time soon. Occasionally, I like to dive a little deeper into the experience of creating my life. For example, If you have an idea for a business, what are the things you would start with? i.e from a technically correct standpoint. You would make a business model, create a presentation with your pitch and probably start looking for investors, right? Although this process might help you kickstart a business, it’s not exactly stress-free, is it? Trust me, you want to make it more fun and engaging. And this is something you’re going to enjoy doing for yourself, not for some dude with a suit.

You’re going to draw and paint this vision you have for your business. Make it as detailed as possible. Get excited about the people you’re going to meet, the things you are going to make and all the lives it’s going to impact! Let’s have a look at the process. Are you excited? I sure am!

What is, is. And what will be, is not in your control. Frustrating? Quite a bit. Here’s the key to the treasure chest —What you think about, is all in your hands. I read somewhere a while ago, “Manifestation is about making the invisible, visible.” It is as simple as it sounds. Everything that was made manifest in your reality came from where? An idea that you believed in. A thought that held a lot of value. It existed in your mind before it existed in your reality. Invisible to Visible. Do not under any circumstances, underestimate the power of your thoughts. Every thought is energy, just make sure you have good ones!

From good thoughts and emotions, some great ideas. For a while, before you start journaling for the day, sit in silence with some good thoughts. Some happy memories and a lot of gratitude. I think I’ve talked enough about the importance of gratitude, you can read some of my previous articles! The attitude of gratitude means Abundance + more! We already established that all the ideas/things you want already exist. So when you are journaling, you will write in the present tense. This signifies that you are ready to manifest everything you want. And, focus only on the things you want because what you don’t want doesn’t matter anyway.

Visualize, draw, paint, add pictures and just have fun journaling. Every session doesn’t have to be so elaborate, it can just be about your happiest memories. Just have fun and figure out your own way through this. You’re creative, you know what to do!

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With 🧡 Team WID.


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