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How Fixating on specific outcomes, limits your potential.

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Are you familiar with the phrase,’ It’s my way or the highway’? We probably have heard someone say it or said it ourselves (guilty!).

Have you ever had a little bit of self-doubt before you started something new? “I have no idea how this is going to go” is the first thought I have whenever I’ve made a commitment. Whether its a new project, a guitar class, or a workout program. I hope I’m not the only one feeling this way! Then at some point along the journey, when you’re adhering to the process, you’re starting to get a sense of the outcome or what it’s going to look like eventually, do you stop considering that there could be other outcomes? Ones that you don’t like or for the sake of this article, let's say, ones that you’ll love even more than what you have in mind. You see, as much as we like to control all the details (which is very stressful btw) don’t you think it would be better we just enjoyed the process?

Setting your intentions

Before I start something new, I like to think about the ‘why’? Why am I taking on this new project? How does it impact my well-being? If you don’t have a significant ‘why’ should you really be doing it? “Your Intentions are the background of your reality.” Says Dr. Joe Vitale (Author & spiritual teacher) and I couldn’t agree more. You always need to have a ‘why’ that matters to you. No matter how big or small. For example, You are looking to take a class in marketing, your ‘why’ could be: To grow my business or To learn something that interests me. As long as it positively impacts your life! Without intentions, our lives become dull & mundane.

It’s this way or no other way!

Are you familiar with the phrase,’ It’s my way or the highway’? We probably have heard someone say it or said it ourselves (guilty!). My way, is me fixating on the only outcome I wanted from anything, in return, I was stressed out, irritable, procrastinated too often, and was anything but productive. My motivation to change my mindset came from a place wanting peace more than anything. That’s why, when you have set your intentions and you’re ready to go, You really have to GO! What I mean is let ‘go’ of what you think you need and get into the process completely. Fall in love with the process, if you start to go back to your old ways, remember the ‘why’, why you started, your purpose and you’ll be right on track again.

Finding peace in uncertainty

The future is a blank canvas, we can’t predict or change anything. The only thing you can do is control how you think about it right now. What you think affects how you feel and your feelings are what you act upon. So let’s think about good outcomes right? Is it that simple? Not so much for a mind thinking about multiple things and influenced heavily by the outside world. Yet, if you want it to be simple, it is. It’s just how you think about it!

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