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Give yourself permission

Women & Design // Behind the scenes

Off late, I've been having a lot of conversations around life, as vague as that may sound. Conversations surrounding creativity and what it means to have an abundance of faith in the truth that things will work out.

Off late, I've been having a lot of conversations around life, as vague as that may sound. Conversations surrounding creativity and what it means to have an abundance of faith in the truth that things will work out. Everyone has weaker moments where they tend to allow doubt and fear to creep in, but it's our ability to fight back that defines us. I've noticed a lot of growth in who I was upon graduating university, and who I am today. The events that occurred during, as daunting as they may have seemed at that moment in time, only helped shape the woman I've become today. And I'm grateful to be where I'm at.

In late 2015 I walked into my first ever university lecture, wide eyed and eager. 'I was going to take everything, absorb whatever I can.' — and with that I went on to completing 4 years of undergrad. Every day I promised to push myself a little harder, with every project I intended to create something innovative. I felt like I was training to change the world, all at once. And yes, that's what I believed I would move on to do upon graduation. Carefully trained under intangible institutional guides that would subconsciously end up shaping the creative I would become, I hadn't realized then who I was signing up to be by simply choosing to go to a certain university. At a platform where aesthetics seemed to be of more value than the product and it's impact, I didn't realize back then how influenced I was under an institution. Now, that was a time when social media was purely for selfies and moments, and not renders and communities — my only learning medium was what I was taught in school, and whatever I could source online and by studying accomplished designers works.

In early 2019, I was in my final year of university. I have to say, my college experience was rather unconventional. Having a college shut down in the middle of your undergrad program, to rush to enter another one without losing any years, and to not let any of that affect your work was not what I'd signed up for. But everything seemed to have worked out perfectly. I was grateful to have experienced not one, but two design institutions for my undergrad studies. I was exposed to two vastly different design perspectives which I believe helped me stray away from a single imposed design identity, freeing me up to create my own design identity. I then landed an Internship at an amazing design studio in the Netherlands, having the opportunity to work under my mentor, a creative in the industry I idolized for months on end. It seemed like everything was coming together, I finally got my big break after a torturous undergrad experience. I was living my dream! I ended up doing a remote internship, which at that moment didn't feel as the best outcome, but looking back now seemed a perfect start into my remote consulting career. I gained skills that help me work efficiently and effectively all from the comfort of my own home.

What I'm trying to say is, everything that happened seemed crappy in the moment. But 5, 10, 15 years down the line when I look back on everything I went through, it seems like the perfect path that led to me where I am today. I've got a great career, doing something I love, I have the sweetest, kindest, most incredible partner, I am in a great city, surrounded by loved ones and I have a community that supports me, and friends that seem like family. You're going to fall down along the way, you're bound to get a few cuts and bruises. But it's how you get back up that matters. And each time, you'll get back up a little taller than the last. What matters most is that you try. Try so you can tell yourself that you gave it a chance. Give yourself permission to fail, to fall, to explore, and eventually to succeed. I remember reading somewhere that those who failed the most, went on to creating strong resilient brands that aimed for success despite any odds. That's what matter, you're going to learn by doing. So keep at it, friend. You're doing the best you can, and that's okay. Each day bring a bit more to the table, and keep working on it.

Sending love, strength, faith and positivity your way 🧡

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With 🧡 Team WID.


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