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The most powerful thing humans have at their disposal is the mind. The complexity of the mind has been studied by various cultures over generations, both spiritually and psychologically.

The most powerful thing humans have at their disposal is the mind. The complexity of the mind has been studied by various cultures over generations, both spiritually and psychologically. There are still so many unanswered questions about the functions of the mind. Most of what we know is that it comprises of layers of thoughts, experiences, and memories in 3 different states. Conscious (part of the mind that is awake and aware), Subconscious (consists of every experience, impression, and influence), and Unconscious (part of the mind that is buried deep and far below our consciousness). You might wonder how any of this relates to the content we consume, but the connection is actually very direct.

We do a lot of things throughout the day with the use of our conscious mind. We eat, cook, shower, drive — all mundane but, require focus. But through it all, we continuously use our devices. Do you remember a day when you didn’t scroll through Instagram? Or just randomly watch a few vlogs on videos? We’re all guilty of at least a tiny bit of addiction to social media. But have you thought about the impact it has on the subconscious mind? The part of your mind that has everything to do with your personality — EVERYTHING. The kind of content you consume influences you. Whatever may be the influence, big or small, it becomes a part of you and your association to everyday life.

The upside

When Content -

Triggers a (progressive) emotional response: I see this as a positive because an emotional response can never be construed as ‘unnecessary'. In fact, it’s vital and brings out our most humane capability — Compassion. Whether it’s a video of a silly cat that puts a smile on your face or a poster of the Climate crisis that gets you tensed, your emotions are powerful and they motivate change. So, I say, don’t be afraid to feel on social media. It’s a great space for activism and to raise awareness!

Is Educational: Raising awareness and joining movements of change is one way to learn but another, is just to access educational content. Nature, Mental Health, Fitness, Science, and anything you may want to learn is available for you online. The resources are endless, you just need an open mind.

Is Positive & Uplifting: There's nothing like it when you get your hands on content that makes you happy. For me personally, I quite enjoy content about animals, spirituality, and comic books. It brings me joy! Now scroll through your phone and think about the last time you were watching something that brought you joy. Follow that and watch your reality shift.

The downside

If Content -

Generates Hate & Spreads lies (Incel, Misogyny, Homophobia): I don’t need to tell you about the amount of hate that exists in the world. You know it and on some level, you have experienced it. A lot of ‘New thought’ activists believe that people (their behaviour) is a result of their circumstances. They’re not wrong. Now imagine your circumstance being — spending 30-50% of your day online streaming (hateful & negative) content. Can you believe the kind of damage that would do to a person? The world creates its worst enemy and its best hero. Which wolf are you willing to feed?

Is damaging but is considered to be ‘Humourous’: There is a lot of humour on the internet today, no doubt. Laughter is the best medicine and humour is good for health but — Humour at the expense of the oppressed is not humour at all. I’m not going to tell you which joke is offensive and who said it, all I ask is that you be aware. We are meant to laugh with people and not at their pain/suffering. It is not funny when an LGBTQ+ character is stereotypically portrayed in cinema, it’s not funny to assume that a women is menstruating when she is upset and it is definitely not funny to make light of thousands of years of oppression.

Instils self-doubt and fear: Well this one is pretty obvious isn't it? We've all been through this. Looking at picture-perfect lives and wondering how we don't have all that. Social Media paints a beautiful picture but the reality is far from it. Who better than designers to realise the power of photoshop? So don't compare yourself to people online!

Understanding what to take and what to let go

Tony Robbins says, “Energy flows where attention goes.” You don’t want the energy flowing in all the wrong places. So, filter, Filter & FILTER! As much as you can and whenever you can. Think about what kind of content brings out the best in you and stick to it. There are tons of wonderful things you can watch and learn from — the internet is an endless pit of (useful) information. Also meditate, to cleanse the subconscious of all the unnecessary information it has accumulated so far. With inner clarity comes focus in outer reality.

Questions to ask yourself:

“Does this content inspire me?”

“Does it bring out the best in me?”

“What is this teaching me?”

“How does this affect mental health?”

There’s so much good in this world. If the content of your phone is positive, you will gravitate toward a life of peace and joy. Just have an open mind, get ready to learn and unlearn. There are so many beliefs you may have that aren’t even yours, someone gave them to you. What beliefs are truly yours? What content are you consuming? How are you associating it with your daily life?

We're always open to other perspectives, opinions, and a good chat over some coffee or tea. We'd love to host a conversation with you, head on over to our Discord and get in touch!

With 🧡 Team WID.


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