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Editors Note

An official hello from us, at Women in Design, India! We're so excited for the launch of our website, and we've got a lot more coming!!

Team WID  //  October 2020

Welcome to the first issue of the WID Webzine. We've been dreaming of this day through the past couple of months, and we're extremely excited to share the Webazine with you. None of this would have been possible without your endless support. Thank you.

If you've been with us from the start, you may be familiar with our Monthly Features — where we highlight a creative from our community, gain insights into their creative processes and outputs and so much more. We've met some wonderful women, nationally and globally, each with their unique perspectives and stories to share. We knew we wanted to take our Webazine a step further, creatively and intellectually. We wanted to retain the analog feel of flipping through a magazine, yet digitize it for it to rest comfortably in the palms of your hands. After multiple iterations (as it goes), we derived the perfect Webazine layout — optimized for desktop. Because ladies, we're meant for the big screens. 👑


Before we begin, here's a breakdown of what the re-designed WID Webazine contains:

Editors Note

A brief introduction to the Webazine issue, monthly reviews or updates from our core team, and quite possibly some surprising gummies! (gummies are bonus resources, food for thought ideas, job offers and more)

Get to know our Monthly Feature

Find out what we talked about during our exclusive interview with the #womanofthemonth! Get to know their processes, how to overcome challenges, or even just something as simple as - what their favourite font is? (It's a very important question)

Guest Writers

Introducing Guest Writers! Guest Writers are creatives, authors, multitalented humans, who have something to say that needs to be heard. We believe each individual has something to say, and contribute. In a world full of attention-based algorithms and attention spans based on likes, we're trying to break free.


From the Editors

We're constantly researching, experimenting, redo-ing and reworking ourselves. We write from a personal perspective, sharing our thoughts and opinions based on experience or pure research. From creativity and manifestation, to design thinking and all things life — you'll find us talking about them all.

Blog post

A consolidated post based on research, articles, podcasts, books and more. Gain an insight on the core team discussions through the portal of a blog post. You're always free to join in and discuss away!

We're constantly improving, reiterating and growing, as Revati puts so well — we're simply work's in progress! We've got a lot more planned for the WID Webazine, we're not stopping anytime soon.

We're always open to hearing what you have to say, feel free to reach out to us and say hello! If you've got something to share — an experience, a story, or be it an opinion, here's how you can join us as a guest writer. Or, reach out and become our next Monthly Feature! We'd love to hear your story.

With 🧡 Dhruti & Ashwini.

Up Next // Taking it back to the start

In our very first webazine issue, we're taking it back to the start — to when it all started. We talk about how WID was birthed, and the intent behind it. A big inspiration for us was the Guerrilla Girls, and their constant battle for equality.