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Team WID  //  March 2021

Hello from Bengaluru and Mumbai! This issue is quite special becauses it has articles that are so educational. We have Anar Shukla as our monthly feature and she recently celebrated her birthday. We also have Simran Chopra as our guest writer with her article on Capitalism and Creativity.

Ashwini : It's been such a wonderful month! We had a lot of fun discussions and we have a lot of exciting things cooking for WID. Dhruti and I are also doing some pretty interesting personal projects, stay tuned. We also did our very first Instagram live with the cultural club at Strate school of Design, Bengaluru. I was nervous at first but turns out, I didn’t look nervous at all, which was a surprise. What I realised is that pushing myself to do things I'm not comfortable with, actually works out pretty well for me. Going to keep at it! Wish me luck.

P.S : The dog in the picture is Skye. Isn't she beautiful?

Also, Our community is almost 3500 big today! So grateful for all of your support and love.

With 🧡 Ashwini.

Image by Emily Morter

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With 🧡 Team WID.

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