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Editors Note

First month of the year! We made it.

Team WID  //  January 2021

We have successfully made it through the first month of the year! At WID, we've been planning a lot for this year. Monthly features, guest writers, Collabs and so much more! Never been more excited to have a really busy year. 

Ashwini : It's been a great month! Getting ready to do a lot of travelling this year. In my head, I'm already figuring out what to pack! Apart from that, one of my goals this year was to create a good work-life balance. Still working on it and still trying hard. Life for me, is about my health, meditations and volunteering. It's difficult when you're juggling so many things to make space for the things your soul really needs. But, keep going, I'm right here with you. 

I've also found a new (not so healthy) obsession - Iced Coffee! 

Here's the recipe : 

- Put some ice in your mug

- Pour 1 part almond milk, unsweetened

- Add some water, if you'd like

- In a cup, mix some instant coffee, raw cane sugar and water

- Let the sugar dissolve completely

- Pour it in your mug

- Mix and enjoy! 

Let me know how it goes! ☕️


We're always open to other perspectives, opinions and a good chat over some coffee or tea. We'd love to host a conversation with you, head on over to our Discord and get in touch!

With 🧡 Team WID.

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