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Team WID  //  February 2021

Hello from Mumbai!

Dhruti : Time seems to be flying by in 2021, I can't believe it's February already. This month has been rather chaotic, which brought upon discussions around productivity and creativity. We've got so much going on behind the scenes, we're hoping 2021 brings in more light into this world! This month I've been choosing the eat healthier, prioritize myself and focus on growing unconditionally. We've got only 10 months left, we've got to make them count. What's one skill you're looking to enhance this year? Slide into our DM's and tell us all about it!

With 🧡 Dhruti.


We're always open to other perspectives, opinions and a good chat over some coffee or tea. We'd love to host a conversation with you, head on over to our Discord and get in touch!

With 🧡 Team WID.

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