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Editors Note

This year didn't go as planned. 2020, it's been real.

Team WID  //  December 2020

It's been a crazy year ladies, and even more so for us at Women In Design, India! We're so grateful for all the support you've all provided us throughout the year. We've grown stronger together, and the wonderful community that we've created together is one we'll forever be grateful for. Here are a few milestones that made the year even more memorable for us — the WID community went from a mere 400 followers back in January 2020, to almost 3k by the end of this year! We started the WID Webazine, and met some truly inspiring and incredible women. We've hosted multiple inspiring women talk about their stories, sharing experiences and so much more. We've got a lot more planned for the year 2021. Here are a few happy moments from us this month!

Dhruti : It's been a great end of the year for me, after months of quarantine and lockdowns, I went out! Here for the small wins, lol. It was freeing to visit the beach and spend time amongst nature. A lot of this year was spent witnessing life through screens, and I'm hoping 2021 brings with it some calm and joy. I know I've got a bunch of places on my wishlist to visit as soon as I can! Catching the next flight out to visit some good old friends and family in 2021, and hoping to make some new ones too! It's the last day of the havoc of a year that is 2020, and I hope you've all been cherishing moments with close ones all year long. Sending lot's of positivity, love and nothing but happiness to all of you! Let's set our goals for 2021 right, and do the one thing you've always wanted to do! You do you, sis! x

Ashwini : This year has given me so much! I read a lot of books, worked out a lot, played with my pets (Skye & Tofu) and most importantly - I learned how to love myself. I'm also so grateful for all the people in my life who have made this year so memorable. Thank you. So excited for 2021! xoxo ✨


We're always open to other perspectives, opinions and a good chat over some coffee or tea. We'd love to host a conversation with you, head on over to our Discord and get in touch!

With 🧡 Team WID.

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