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Skipping, jumping, and dancing through the world of expectations, a place where we are forced to act like an imposter because the spaces where we exist, are dull and people like beautiful bright colours, don't they?

Amongst all the good and exciting things happening in and around WID, we had to ensure we focused just as enough on our other lives, from cooking, cleaning and everything else due to lockdown impositions - to clients, jobs, and projects; it gets overwhelming. We commend all those who juggle multiple roles within your regular 24 hours. I think it's a point in time where we're all getting tired and overwhelmed by monotony, or the never-ending pile of tasks simply getting longer and longer. It's tough, we won't lie. But we can work through it together, it's funny how sometimes you think you're the only one going through certain things — but in reality, you're not alone! Talking helps, Laughing about it helps, venting helps, meditating helps, exercising helps - a community, helps. One thing that has really been keeping us sane have been the Happy Hours, they recreate pre-covid interactions within safety protocols.

So, on that note, we're excited to see you in our next Happy Hour. Make connections, and host thought-provoking conversations. See you soon!

Women & Design // WID Talks

Editor's Note

So excited for this issue! Read on...

Team WID // April 2021

This month has been a whirlwind of ups celebrated with heartiness, and downs battled with compassion, empathy and vigorous willpower. We hosted our very first Happy Hour at the start of this month! We're constantly pushing ourselves on designing experiences that engage, challenge and impact our community in a positive way. The *Happy Hour* and our *designhouse*, both were launched with the same outlook. Our first Happy Hours were a definite success, we made some wonderful connections and met some incredible creatives from the community — and that's what the Happy Hour was all about. Connecting with likeminded individuals, chat about the currents in design and life, and just to have fun. It's an informal meeting space to create lasting connections that result in a strong-knit community that grows by sharing, giving and creating.

*designhouse* is our virtual co-working studio space, open to our community members! Think of it as our permanent address, but simply virtual (for now 🤔). It's for all you freelancers who miss the thought-provoking conversations with other creatives, the students who miss collaborating in physical spaces, independent creatives looking to collaborate in a flourishing workspace, just friends looking to host a book-club, or finding someone to have lunch with. WID's *designhouse* is the space for all those things, and so much more!