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Our founder realized that —

Design, in India, is a minority.

Women in Design, is an even smaller minority.

Despite being embedded into the core of India, art & design are still undervalued. Women in Design, India, didn't start out as just another fight against patriarchy, or another community web-page that would 'support creatives' by only highlighting those with say, 100k followers. It wasn't something that resulted from a sudden realization. Rather, it evolved from recurring unspoken, shared experiences that cumulated to create the strong and continuously growing community that it is today.

Women In Design


We are a female led and initiated community — A representation of women creatives from all over India. A platform celebrating female designers in India.

A majority of design
graduates are women. 

yet —

Only a minority of
design leaders are

Women In Design

We’re here to show the next generation of female creatives that there’s so much to look forward to. 

Our story

Dhruti Soni

Dhruti Soni

Founder — Women in Design, India.

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"Despite living in twentieth century India, Design was a minority, and women in design, was an even smaller minority — I wanted to do something to change that, to be the push that progresses us to where we need to be in order to fully flourish and thrive as a country and community."


Wanting to be more than just an industrial product and UI/UX designer; Dhruti has always dreamt about starting something of her own. Her passion to create progressive, forward-thinking solutions that resonate with people in their daily lives led her to found Women in Design, India in 2019 alongside her good friend and ex-cofounder, Ashwini Muralikumar (2019 - 2022). 


Channeling a fusion of her beliefs around design and psychology to nature, community, and life as a whole — Women in Design, India was the one-stop solution for Indian creatives around the world with a united vision; Celebrating the next generation of visionaries and tuning progressive growth.


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